KCPE School Performance


Year Mean Score
2007 197.57
2008 208.89
2009 220.11
2010 245.50
2011 Expected to be above 280

1. Mr. Paul O. Aluoch - Heateacher
2. Mrs Jocinter Olang' – Deputy Headteacher
3. Mrs. George W. Ogana - Senior Teacher
4. Mr. George Miren Owiti – Teacher
5. Mr. Calleb Omoro - Teacher
6. Jonathan O. Ochieng'- Teacher
7. Mrs. Margaret Warom- Teacher


The school is situated in a Sugar Growing Zone as a cash crop and rice as both cash and food
crop. The growth of sugarcane has been hampered by the closure of Chemelil Factory
which milled the farmers crops. This has affected the economic growth and many farmers
have abandoned the growing of sugar-cane. This have increased the poverty index and
many parents cannot afford to pay some required school levies. Due to poverty index,
some pupils have dropped out of school in search for money to help their ageing parents
or relative who cannot get what to eat due to HIV / AIDS Pandemic about 75% of the
pupils population are total or partial orphans. The situation at hand has thwarted effort to
put up better infrastructure.

Nyarenda Primary School Buildings

  Pupils in Assembly


  Class 8 Pupils sitting for an Exam


  Class 1 Pupils in Class


  Class 3 …

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  The Head Teacher - Mr. Paul Aluoch

The working condition in school is highly demanded due dilapidated …

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